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Перевод УКР-АНГ. Отчет по гранту

Organization name: Kharkiv department of All-Ukrainian public organization for disabled people `Union of organizations for disable people of Ukraine`society of disabled people of Kyivsky district

Descriptive Project Report

29.05.2009 an agreement was signed with US embassy on the projectClimbing stairs of life”, is aimed at young people with limitied abilities due to impacted health who acquire professional education in educational establishments and their parents by means of introduction in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region of innovational training seminars on modern techniques of labour rehabilitation and adaptation in the society.

June: meeting of the working group. It was dedicated to preparation and development of training plans. Labour agreements have been made with accountant XXX, manager XXX Trainers for training seminars have been interviewed. June 5, 2009: preparation and implementation of project presentation in the hall of Kyiv district council, 55, Chernyshevskogo str. 30 people attended the event.

Preparation on information letters concerning training seminars. Distribution of information concerning training seminars on the internet, in educational establishments, Kharkiv city employment centre, in newspaper Robota, and announcements in mass media. Operation of reference-information telephone has been organized. Consultations of a lawyer, psychologist and social worker have been provided for the whole project duration.

Search and choice of a laptop and a flipchart in online shops, visits to many shops, consultations concerning products and choice of the best product at the prices within the limits of the estimate, product purchase.

Cooperation and development of partnership relations with heads of Kharkiv enterprises concerning probation of disabled people at their enterprises. Accepting applications from enterprises for employment of disabled people. Interviewing disabled people on these applications.

Consulting disabled people concerning employment, questionnaires. Introduction of the data on the clients to the digital database for the whole project duration.

July: development of bookletIndependent life to the employment country design and contents for young disabled people. For this purpose, materials have been searched for and processed. Cooperation with Kharkiv printshops. 600 booklets have been printed.

Preparation for training seminars, development of the corresponding program, questionnaires and applications for participation in trainings of disabled people and their parents. Processing literature.

Consultations of specialists: lawyers, psychologist, social worker concerning employment, benefits, federal benefits, work of employment centers on the request of clients. Rendering consultations to disabled people and their parents, social escort of disabled people to the enterprise, etc.

August: visits to stationer`s, selection and purchase of products for training seminars and project realization.

Engagement of three volunteers, which can obtain practical experience during their work, to project realization.

Business trips to Poltava (June), Zaporizhzhya (July), Sevastopol (August) have been made at the expense of the head of the society Kostenko T.V. Training seminars “Employment of Disabled People” for public organizations for disabled people have been held. XXX delivered a speech on the topicRole of Public Organizations for Disabled People in Employment of Disabled People”. Total number of representatives of public organizations for disabled people and representatives of city councils: 80.

Head of the society XXX

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