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Перевод для англоязычной версии журнала "Пивное дело"

The third reason for the low retail prices for imported beer was fast share growth of comparatively inexpensive Ukrainian beer. This share was insignificant at the …, but by the … Byelorussians have appreciated the production of Ukrainian brewers which has already accounted for …% of the market. By contrast the sales of Russian beer which is …% more expensive than Byelorussian beer have gone down.
We should also note the growth of the Byelorussian beer export, which has begun influencing the dynamics of the national output to some extent. While at the first part of 2008 1.7% of produced beer were sent abroad, this year the export amounted to 5.1% of the overall production volume.
Taking into account that in 2008, the market share in monetary terms under our estimation amounted to …% to … bln of Byelorussian roubles (Br) or … to $… mln. Over the first half of 2009 against the background of very low physical indicators the market has grown by … to Br … bln. Basing on the official data of the average weighted dollar rate of the NB and RB, the beer market has shrunk by … % to $… mln in foreign currency.

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