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Перевод для англоязычной версии журнала "Пивное дело"

Virtually none of the economy brands increased its market share. However, inexpensive brands «Rogan» and «Yantar» by InBev, as well as «Arsenal» by Carlsberg have been exhibiting a positive dynamics since October-November 2008.
As for InBev company we should note that their mass brand «Rogan» has increased its retail price. In spring 2008 on the average in Ukraine the prices for two economy brands were almost the same. But at the beginning of summer the retail price for beer «Yantar» rose sharply— it became … brand among the national ones in the segment. Price growth of «Yantar was followed by the promotion emphasizing «vacation» and «relaxed» brand image. But due to the crisis the price positioning of the two brands has changed. «Yantar» price has stopped growing and become … national economy brands (as well as …). At the same time «Rogan» price has been growing at exceeding rates and this brand has become … Prior to that the main advertisement object was a beer mug with «simply qualitative beer», but now the commercial features young people who can do anything for «Rogan».
Two inexpensive SABMiller brands «Sarmat» and «Dnipro» have been steadily decreasing their market share. Judging by the distinctly negative dynamics of «Dnipro» which is one of the cheapest at the Ukrainian market, …
However, by the season, the market share of «Sarmat» has … At that time, SABMiller has carried out rebranding of «Sarmat». Its price is still within the limits of economy segment, but the image has become more premium and is now targeted at freedom lovers. The new positioning is emphasized by the label (an eagle against the background of white sun) and the corresponding commercial.
«Desant», the economy brand by «Obolon» company, in the crisis period, lost a part of its market share which has stabilized afterwards. However «Obolon» positions in this segment are expected to improve. Early in March a democratic brand «Ziebert» was introduced, and the company announced their plans to win 1 % of the market thanks to this brand. Communication and promotion of the brand are based on the conception «German quality — Ukrainian price».

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