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Regulation of deawner time

Deawning time is set with the potentiometer (pos. 17) on the front plate. Deawner time for winter barley up to 30 seconds, summer barley normally 15 seconds. Wheat 15 sec­onds but if with chaff up to 30 seconds. Oat and rye do not normally need to be de-awned.

Peas, Beans, Sunflower and rape needs no deawning. Maize 15 seconds, but only if plant parts in the sample.

Regulation of outlet time from deawner

It is important that the outlet handle (pos. 4) is set so that the min. time for grain to pass from deawner on to the sieves is 18 - 20 seconds. See about setting page 5. When using the extension hopper the outlet handle can regulate the deawner time

Deawner pins

For barley and other grains use 33 mm pins, for maize beans etc. use 28-mm pins. (Op­tion)

Rubber balls

The grading sieve (third sieve) is kept clean by rubber balls. The rubber balls are placed in three separate sections; there are 10 in each section.

MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLE SHOOTING Note that no parts should be greased!

If the deawner bottom does not open when activated, press with your right hand thumb on the release bolt (pos. 3) and then activate the magnet by pushing contact (pos. 1) to pos. man, then remove your thumb and the bottom opens.

If the magnet does not pull, open the bottom gate by pressing up under the lock above the release bolt (pos. 3).

If the magnet does not work, call your electrician. A blown fuse, the contact or a broken wire probably causes the problem. The fuses are in the electrical box under the bottom screens. In case the magnet has been unscrewed, it must be adjusted so that it just re­leases the bolt.

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