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Технический перевод

When there is no oil pressure beyond the ASU power driven pump (when it is off or has failed), ailerons are controlled by the control wheel or servo units of the autopilot (РМ АП). At that, ASU remains connected to the aileron control linkage, chambers of the ASU actuating cylinder are pipe connected (to the drainage), without preventing control linkage from travelling. To remove the load, created by ailerons and spoilers, from the control wheels, aileron trimmers are used.

When ASU is activated and servo unit of the autopilot is off, control wheel deflection is transferred to the ASU. ASU output element activates control linkage of aileron servo tabs and deflects ailerons.

At activation of bank channel roll damper ASU deflects ailerons with the help of control linkage. This aileron deflection is not transferred to the control wheels. To relieve pressure, created by the LU at operating ASU, trimming actuator electromechanisms (МТЭ) are used.

At the activation of autopilot bank channel roll damper switches off automatically, aircraft is regulated by autopilot servomotor, which actuates servoailerons using ASU. At the switching off of the autopilot bank channel roll damper switches on automatically.

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