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Oliynyk A.O. Prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of pelvic injuries during labor. – Manuscript.

Candidate`s thesis in medical science, specialty 14.01.21. – Orthopedics and traumatology. - Kharkiv national medical university, MOH of Ukraine, Kharkiv, 2009.

The thesis is dedicated to the scientifically and practically actual problem of improving results of treatment of patients with obstetric traumas of the pelvis on the basis of the research of risk factors and establishment of prognostic criteria.

It was established that obstetric traumas of the pelvis often trigger the mechanism of development of functional disorders of the locomotor apparatus, impairing the state of the reproductive and nervous systems in women after the labor and decreasing the quality of life.

Conditions of development of complications in women with normal pelviometric parameters during labor accompanied by disorders of hormonal regulation of the reproductive function, chronic urogenital infections, systemic endocrinopathies, posttraumatic changes in pelvic joints and presence of large fetus were explored.

Qualitative and quantitative pecularities of microbiocenosis in women with urethrovesical inflammatory diseases which relapse during pregnancy and labor were studied.

The model of risk factors and pathogenic mechanisms of their development was proposed. The author established the informativity of ultrasound symphysiometry for monitoring the condition of the pubic symphysis during pregnancy, labor and in postnatal period.

The valid classification of obstetric traumas of the pelvis, scheme of early detection of the obstetric pelvic traumas with the use of the dynamic ultrasound symphysiometry, MR-tomographic criteria of pelvic joint injuries were developed and biomechanically grounded.

Efficacy of the developed and introduced orthesics with thermoplastic materials in fresh and old obstetric traumas of the pelvis was proved, as well as its advantages if compared to universally accepted methods.

Key words: obstetric trauma of the pelvis, prognosis, diagnosis, thermoplastic orthesics.


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