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Перевод доклада для конференции в Польше

BA is a more severe emotional problem for a patient than chronic obstructive bronchitis (ChOB). Usually the diagnosis BA is percieved as a sentence, knock of wood, meanwhile the diagnosis ChOB does not cause any notable emotional response. BA is the absolute leader in LQ reduction. SLIDE 6

BA patients build various psychological and emotional systems in order to protect themselves from the disease, which substantially reduce LQ. LQ analysis is an important approach which allows to solve these problems. Standard general and specialized questionaries are the main means of LQ determination. Creation of these questionaries involves blocks of indexes which allow to evaluate physical, psychological and other criteria. In order to analyze LQ in adult BA patients general questionary SF-36, special questionnaires AQLQ, AQ-20 and others (altogether 5) are most widely used. Though these international questionnaires were developed without taking into account ukrainian public realia, they have not been adapted for our conditions, they contain about 100 questions and take up to 30 min to fill them in. AQ-20 questionnaire is the simplest, it contains 20 questions and it takes 3-5 min to fill it in for the first time and 2-3 min to fill it in for the second time. SLIDE 7

Our aim is to study influence of IGC S SLIDE 8 on LQ in BA. 72 BA patients in acute stage have been examined, aged 41.2+/-1.9, of them 32 had severe course of the disease, 40 – average course severity. Diagnosis was established in accordance with International Consensus and order № 499 issued by the MOH. Patients received step treatment according to the degree of severity.

Before and after treatment patients filled in the form which was a corresponding version of AQ-20 questionnaire. SLIDE 9. Besides, objective criteria of influence of treatment on the course of disease were evaluated (attack frequency within a week, night attacks, bronchodilator inhalation frequency) SLIDE 10.

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